This year our STEM fair was held on January 8, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. We have 68 prizes. We have 1st through 10th place prizes for each grade level. We have a most creative project for each grade level. We also have a grand prize for upper elementary and lower elementary. We had a school wide elimination on January 5th. Students wore lab coats and goggles and presented their projects in class. 150 students were selected to attend the School wide STEM fair. We had amazing projects that displayed STEM concepts. STEM projects fell under one of 8 categories. Our categories included behavioral science
botany and zoology, chemistry, Earth and environment science, engineering, math and computer science, medicine and health, and physics. Our lower level also had an option of completing models and researching famous people in STEM. We also decided to select some honorable mentions who really worked hard on their projects. Our judges included parents, school board members, PTO members, administrators, and teachers. Thank you to all our participants! A special thank you to the Chick-fil-a on Contee Road in Laurel, Maryland. They donated free kids-meal cards for all students who completed STEM projects. We are very proud of our students. Our school wide awards ceremony for 2nd-10th place winners will be held on February 10, 2016 during school. Our CLF awards ceremony will be held the evening of February 10, 2016 for 1st and Grand prize winners ONLY!

Stem Fair Committee

Top Finalists from CMIT Elementary STEM FAIR 2016

5th Grade:

***GRAND PRIZE : Cameron Taylor
1st- Sydney Wynn
2nd- Leah Mejia
3rd- Michael Dixon
4th- Justin Mensah
5th- Braylon Talley
6th- Jayden Russell
7th- Benjamin Champion
8th- Sapri Sise
9th- Alyssa Leate
10th- Atoryia Mcallister
Most Creative- Jacinth Kouadio
Honorable mention- Cloei Garris and Maolisa Audet

4th Grade (11)

Dailyn Wray- 1st
Ariana Noel- 2nd
Oluwabusoye Okunga- 3rd
Fatima Mosley- 4th
Madison Doster-5th
(Weaver) Camille Crooks- 6th
Malik Capers- 7th
Joshua Burrough- 8th
Geordon Jenkins- 9th
Tony Tinsley- 10th
Most Creative: Audrey James

3rd Grade:

Brandon Milline- 1st
Alexander Akinmutimi-2nd
Preston Zachary Ward-3rd
Vea Cordero- 4th
Bryce Albury- 5th
Micah Germain- 6th
Nabiha Mohamed- 7th
(Fryson) Moriah Oshinnaiye- 8th
Blaise Tapia -9th
Morgan Virgil- 10th
Most Creative- Londyn Byrd
Honorable mention- Ryhanna Mbakop and Asai’Yah Edwards

2nd Grade:

***Jovan Daisy- Grand Prize Winner for Lower Elementary***
1st- Michelle Phillippeaux
2nd- David Green
3rd- Xavier Bowen
4th- Aniya Gallion
5th- Mohammed Ali-Ameen
6th- Evan Smolen
7th- Amaris Tappin
8th- Kaden Brown
9th- Nicholas Derisca
10th- Myles Dixon
Most Creative: Kamraan Sahibzada
Honorable mention- Titus Kelly (2nd)

1st Grade: (11)

1st- Sarah Grace Caler
2nd- Lukas Anderson
3rd- Victoria Shim
4th- David Chukwu
5th- Alexis Quarshie
6th- Ava Gill
7th- Brooke Ifill
8th- Arjun Dave
9th- Aubri Ward
10th- Connor Anson
Most Creative- Dewayne Mosley
Honorable mention
Faith Holden (1st)
Kindergarten: (11)
1st- Zane Kelley
2nd- Jessica Magsalin
3rd- Daylin Lamadine
4th- Adrianne Burks
5th- Mikhail Durphy
6th- Ayden Ellerbe
7th- Khaleah Faulkner
8th- Bria Redwa
9th- Kendall Smith
10th- Caleb Bahati
Most Creative: (Santiago) Alijah Long
Honorable mention
Gabrielle Johnson (K)

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