2018-19 SY Principal Welcome Letter


Dear CMIT Elementary Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! The CMIT Elementary Team is ready for an exciting and academically focused school year!

The CMIT Elementary families are a great partner with the school faculty to help minimize any anxiety students may feel as the school year begins. This is greatly appreciated! Please remember that we want to do everything possible to ensure the comfort of our students, as they come back to school.

Similarly to what we did last year, we will start the school year with student trainings that include school-wide expectations. It is essential to create a safe and orderly environment to help our students focus on their learning and responsibilities. Please take time and talk to your students about importance of education, so they can receive the same message from home and school.

As the CMIT Elementary Team, we want you to know we are here to support you and your family through your child’s educational journey. One step to getting ready for the school year, and supporting your child’s success, is to establish a bedtime and morning routine. Our CMIT Elementary teachers will start teaching and supporting the student’s learning from the minute they walk in the door. Please help your child see their education as an important and valuable job that will help them to create a responsible mindset to be a successful citizen.

I believe your involvement is important to have a safe and orderly environment here at CMIT Elementary. Please click here to review the school educational and operational updates and accomplishments based on your feedback from the parent workshops.

Please email me at anytime if you have questions, comments, or ideas for ways we can continue to make CMIT Elementary North a great school for every student!

Best wishes for the 2018-19 school year!



Gonul Ozturk, M.Ed