CLF 3rd Annual Lighthouse Cup Chess Tournament

The Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation hosted its 3rd Annual Lighthouse Cup Chess Tournament on Monday, May 18th.  For this tournament, each CLF middle/high school was asked to bring a five-person team.  The elementary chess students were invited to come and observe.  CLF members, school principals, staff and parents were in attendance.

Representing their schools were:

CMIT South

Marques Claiborne

Tarik Manzie

Julius Moore

Viraj Patel

Ryan Sajot

Sanai Williams



Ryan Budahazy

Anthony Krieger

Ishmam Mirza

Rafee Mirza

Max Nelsen


CMIT North

Oluseyi (Sha-Sha) Adekoya

Elick D’Rozario

Joseph Hoke

Nicholus Sakha

Christopher Salley


Each team did a fantastic job!    CMIT South placed third, with each team member receiving a $10 Amazon gift card.  CSP placed second, with each team member receiving a $20 Amazon gift card and CMIT North placed first, with each team member receiving a $40 Amazon gift card.  The students were also awarded medals and certificates.  As the winner of the tournament, CMIT North will continue to house the CLF travelling trophy for another year.

Three of our students had perfect scores and received individual prizes.  Third place winner, Joseph Hoke received a $25 Amazon gift card, second place winner, Elick D’Rozario received a $50 Amazon gift card, and first place winner, Christopher Salley received a $75 Amazon gift card.

Presenting the awards were:  Mr. Orak, Chief Academic Officer, Mrs. Blair, Outreach Coordinator, Mr. Lancaster, President of the Governing Board, Mr. Morrison, Chess Coach, Mrs. Paolini, Math Department Chair at CMIT North and Mrs. Salley, CMIT North Chess Facilitator.

A special thank you to National Chess Master, Mr. William Morrison, who served as our tournament director for the day and the schools’ chess advisors – Ms. Lett and Mr. Davidson, CMIT South, Mr. Zamora, CSP and Mrs. Paolini CMIT North.

The Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation thanks the students and their families for participating in this event and looks forward to hosting more competitions for our students in the near future!

Congratulations again to ALL!


Sarah Blair

CLF Outreach Coordinator