CMIT Elementary Math Olympians Place in the TOP 10% Internationally

More than 150,000 students participated on around 5,000 teams in this year’s 2018 Math Olympiad. There were 4891 teams from the US and 120 teams from 30 foreign countries entered into the contest this year. For any student, especially elementary students, this is a very big stage!

Coached by CMIT Elementary Math Teacher, Mrs. Inci, we are proud to receive a report that our CMIT Elementary Math Olympians rank in the top 10% internationally and even received a plaque for this recognition at the Math Olympiad.

In addition to this incredible team achievement, there were plenty of individual awards to record in the top 10% (list below). Finally, Zach Angelo Akyeampong received a PERFECT SCORE and ranks in the top 2% internationally.

Here is the team roster for our 2018 Math Olympians that contributed individually as well as towards the team results:

ZacharyA. —————-TOP 2%

Ali-Ameen M. ———–TOP 10%

Vy H. ———————TOP 10%

Taqiyah F. —————TOP 10%

Franklyn G. ————-TOP 10%

Darrell P. —————-TOP 10%

Kaden B. —————-TOP 10%

Darrius P. —————TOP 10%

Jaden J. —————–TOP 10%

Ethan M.—————– TOP 10%

Please join all of us in congratulating our CMIT Elementary Math Department & Math Olympiad Team on this international accomplishment!