CMIT Elementary STEM Program


CMIT Elementary STEM Program

CMIT Elementary School’s STEM Program is built on seven key components:

  • Technology Integration

  • Hands-on Inquiry-based lessons

  • Community Partnerships

  • Professional Development

  • STEM Curriculum Committee

  • College Preparation

  • Data Driven Instruction

Technology Integration

CMIT Elementary School will provide a learning experience that prepares students for the demands of the job market by integrating technology into the curriculum.

Hands-on Inquiry-based Lessons

Teachers will need to restructure lesson plans to better suit the inquiry process, while integrating more technology and interdisciplinary problem solving into their teaching. Numerous free resources are available on the web for STEM lesson planning.


Community Partnerships

CMIT Elementary School will develop partnerships with local organizations across the community such as universities, community colleges, hospitals, government agencies, and businesses.

Professional Development

Teachers will be selected to attend professional development seminars and conferences in STEM lesson planning and technology integration on an ongoing basis.

STEM Curriculum Committee

CMIT Elementary School will establish a STEM Curriculum Committee.


College Preparation

CMIT Elementary School will institute activities to promote college awareness and preparation starting in elementary school.

Data Driven Instruction

CMIT Elementary School will use MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing to assess students’ abilities, growth, and classroom instruction.