First Annual Art Competition Reception

Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation held their First Annual Art Reception on Saturday May 16th 2015.  The reception hall was full of beautiful lighthouse drawings, paintings and sketches to be viewed by parents, students and Board Members.

We were pleased to hear from local artist Karen Isailovic.  She spoke about art and how important it is to STEM.  She said “Vision in art is important when you are an innovator.”

The Awards are as Follows:

Elementary                                       Middle                                                 High

1st Cameron Taylor                          1st Lyric Jones                                    1st Mia Douglas

2nd Chelsea Mbakop                        2nd Ellie Fahey                                   2nd Chike Okenwa

3rd Victoria Rush                              3rd Ella Evenson                                3rd Ashley Marshall


Grand Prize: Sydney Tramontano

We are excited to be able to keep the framed artwork here at CLF.  It will be a constant reminder of the vision of our students. Their passion for education shines through in the pieces.

Special thanks go out to Mrs. Pratt (CSP), Mrs. Graham (CMIT), Mr. Quinn (CMIT-S) and Mrs. Breckenridge(CMIT-E) for their continuing support and dedication to the arts.

We would like to thank all the students who submitted art for the contest.  Honorable mention goes to:

Mariam Kuyateh

Alyssa Leate

Sannaa Virgil

Sotonye Wokoma

Julius Moore

Noorah Bauchman

Chisom Maduka

Cassidy Cannon

Aaron Slack

Jaden Keels

Emanuel Loga

Adrianne Rose Espinoza

Levi Blair



Sarah Blair

Outreach Coordinator