Grub with Grandparents Day

CMIT scholars had the opportunity to spend the day with their Grandparents! Children called and Grandparents came running! We had over 250 visitors, some as far as Maryland Eastern Shore and Norfolk. Our seasoned visitors enjoyed a hearty meal with their grand-scholars and visited classrooms to see our interactive styles of learning with core subjects along with creative arts classes such as Physical Education and Art just to name a few. Our Art teacher, Mr. Henry, has even gained potential volunteers!

CMIT Elementary had the pleasure and was honored to have a visit from the Mayor of Laurel, Craig A. Moe.  Mayor Moe, said he felt very welcomed by CMIT and was extremely touched at the turn out of Grandparent visits for “Grub with Grandparents Day”.  The mayor was able to interact with the students in class and those who enjoyed their time and lunch with grandparents.  Mayor Moe was impressed by the school’s parental involvement and volunteering.  We look forward to future visits with Mayor Moe.

Grub with Grandparents Day was a huge success and we enjoyed the opportunity to meet all who came out, but let’s also here what some of the Grandparents had to say…

“Enjoyed the experience of seeing my granddaughter’s, Morgan Stevenson-Ware, daily day at CMIT! The children’s interaction with the grandparents was delightful as we discussed our job experience before retirement. They had many questions!”

-Fabrienne Robinson-

“A wonderful Grandparent Day experience. It was worth the drive from Norfolk.”

-Michael Toliver-

“It’s a great Grandparent activity today.”

-Roland A. deDios-

“It was a GRAND day for all. Liked the lunch.”

-Roy Butler-

“Great to involve G.P.S! Thank you!”