Message from Your Principal, Mrs. Ozturk

What an exciting time for CMIT Elementary!

What an exciting time for CMIT Elementary! We enter October with a continued sense of optimism as our teachers, students, and parents settle into the busy routines of the school year.

The leaves are changing and fall weather is upon us. The CMIT calendar is filling fast with events for students and their families. Please continue to check the website, newsletter, Class DOJO announcements, and emails for information regarding upcoming dates, deadlines, and events. I believe that a strong “positive parent-teacher-school relationship contributes to your child’s school success” (N.P., 2013)

Please continue to reinforce good attendance and 100% compliance with the uniform policy. Research suggests that “school environments become less competitive and more focused on learning” when uniform policies are implemented and enforced. (Portner, 2013). Thank you for your continued partnership in this effort.

It is my pleasure that having such a special school community who works hard and willing to be part of school activities for our students` success. CMIT Elementary is going to establish a tradition of pride, excellence, and community involvement.

Our students are challenged to meet and exceed their success, not only in academics but also in many other areas such robotics and math/science competitions. Behind this success, our school clubs take a great role to extend students` learning hours. Research states that “after school activities have been found to boost academic achievement, build leadership, and strengthen ties to the community” (Afterschool Alliance ). This year we will continue offering several clubs to increase students` engagement in CMIT Elementary.

We believe CMIT Elementary is a source of community involvement and pride. Our students will continue to be a force at the district and state by demonstrating our mission of a math and IT focusing educational environment while developing lifelong skills. Our staff and students are highly committed to putting great effort to reach and keep great success every day.

I believe, at CMIT Elementary, the success is a reflection of our staff constant dedication to the pursuit of excellence in all of our activities.


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Gonul Ozturk, M.Ed

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