Parent Workshop – Let the Collaboration Begins!

Monday, July 31st was our first collaboration meeting between parents and the administrative staff. There were approximately 15 parents online and 35 parents in the building sharing ideas to improve our school’s culture, academics, and procedures. Every parent was able to share their concerns and feedback. Most importantly, parents were able to share their unique and valuable experiences they have had at our great school. Our next step is to have more meetings to continue the dialogue on how we can improve CMIT Elementary in the near future. If you have signed up already, we look forward to meeting you on the prospective dates. If you have not signed up, please keep and eye out for an email about our next sessions. It is important that your voice is heard because parents are a key factor in the success of our school and students. As we continue to work together, our children can R.O.A.R. to their highest heights.