Roaring Readers

Do you like to read? Do you enjoy doing projects? I, Ms.Riley, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to Read. Each month I will introduce a topic, theme, or idea. You may choose a book to support this. There will be a list of items that you can do to show how you connect to the book you have chosen. Your work will be displayed for all to see. I can’t wait to sit down and discuss the books we have read.

All books should be at the student’s reading level.

September-Kindergarten and 1st graders we will read a Pete the Cat book. 2-5 should choose a book with a animal as the main character.
October – Book about sports or a sports figure
November -A book in a series
January – A sci fi book
February – A non fiction book
March -A book about a movie
April – Graphic Novel

Activities – Choose one
1. You can create a new book jacket with a short description of the book
2. Do a book review (sample questions attached)
3. Create 1-3 new illustrated pages for the book
4. Write the introduction to sequel of the book you have just read
5. Make a diorama (directions attached below)
6. Make a poster – pretend your book is going to be made into a movie
7. Write the author a letter – state why or why not you liked the book
8. Illustrate and design a comic book around the book you have read
9. Make a mobile – create your favorite scene
10. Create a timeline – include the important topics (attached below)
11. Create a magazine ad for the book
12, Make a board game – Ex. (
13. Put together a Powerpoint Presentation no more than 6 slides around PLOT Diagram. (Plot diagram is attached)
14. Write a letter to a friend informing them why they should read the book
15. Make a bookmark of your favorite chapter
16. Create a wordsearch – use vocabulary words in the book
17. Make a crossword puzzle – let someone who’s read the book work the puzzle
18. Make a memory game – use index card with vocabulary words
19. Outline your favorite chapter
20. Interview someone who lived in the time of the setting or has experienced the plot
21. Make a True or False quiz – have someone take the quiz who has read the book
22. Make a lapbook – use these templates here (
23. Create a Poem about the theme of the book.

Steps to success.
1. You can purchase the book, read one in your personal collection or visit your local library.
2. I would suggest that parents read the book with their scholar to ensure the child fully understands it and can have a meaningful discussion with their friends.
3. Deceide what you would like to do to represent the book for our board.
4. Book extensions should be turned in the last Monday of the Month to Mrs. Dubon in the front office. Please give her a hard copy and no emailed entries.

Parents here is a nice article on cultivating the love for reading in children –


book review questions



timeline notetaking page


Ms. Riley
Acting Principal