CMIT Elementary’s 1st Vocabulary Word Parade was a success!  It was an out of the box vocabulary instruction through a live Parade of Words!  CMIT Elementary scholars shared their knowledge and used their creative skills to showcase vocabulary words through “dress up” representation.  Our scholars were tasked to pick a vocabulary word and find the most creative way to represent that word through a costume design.  Even our very own Principal Ozturk participated with an elaborate festival style of dress to represent her vocabulary word “Celebrate”.

Other representations included a headband made with cotton balls to symbolize clouds with strings of raindrops and thunderbolts hanging down from the clouds to portray Thunderstorm, bunches of colored feathers beautifully layered together to show Bird, Ms. McVeigh our Special Education Coordinator, showed her creative side in a simply comfy cozy sleepwear to illustrate the word Sleepy, next with a top hat, black blazer and bow tie the word Entertainment was topped off with sparkling gold dance shoes, the word Speed was depicted using the Jamaican Flag to symbolize Usain Bolt, Olympic Gold Medalist, for his speed in the 100 meter dash, a red light, green light traffic signal was worn to signify…you guessed it!  The word Signal.  Mrs. Fryson was Glamorous and red carpet ready with her glittered sash and bedazzling attire.  There were so many other brilliantly designed costumes for vocabulary words such as Precipitation, Red Hemisphere, Ornate, Fabulous, Tornado, and Warrior just to name a few.  How would you have depicted vocabulary words such as these?

Thinking caps were put on and parents and scholars you delivered!  This was a vocabulary parade extravaganza to remember.  We look forward to the possibilities of this being an annual event!